HTML5 networked multiplayer game project

A game project I'm working on. It is a 2D multiplayer platformer, and it's made entirely in TypeScript. I'm using pixi.js for Canvas/WebGL rendering, and Box2D for physics. For the server component, I'm using nodejs. The client and server communicates with Websockets, using the library. The maps are constructed with the Tiled map editor.

The goal in the game is to get to the finish line at the top as fast as possible. On the way it will be possible to pick up speed boosts, bombs, and other handy stuff to stop your opponent. It's reminiscent of Mario Kart, but as a networked platformer.

When I get around to it, I'll upload the source code to github, and post a link here. Who knows, I might also write a tutorial or two when I'm done. In the meantime, here's a screenshot from the game (not very exciting, I know):